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Mr. Upholster is New York City's Upholstery Service Professional. Our services include Upholstery, Reupholstery, Furniture Restoration, Furniture Repair, and Custom Crafted Furniture & Sofas. Get a FREE quote today call 1-347-625-SOFA (7632).

New York City Mr. Upholster Services:

Sofa Reupholstery

Mr. Upholster New York City - Services - Sofa Reupholstery

Do you need to reupholster or repair a couch or sofa? Mr. Upholster will make your couch new again. All exposed woodwork will be repaired, re-stained, and made to look new. Sofa cushions will be firmer, softer, and more consistent. Your sofa will look beautiful and bring joy to any room. Get your sofa re-upholstered today.

Chair Reupholstery

New York City Mr. Upholster Service - Chair Reupholstery

Mr. Upholster specializes in making old furniture look new again. Whether it’s covered in leather or fabric, we will will revive your chairs so you can relax in comfort. Call for a free estimate today!

Furniture Repair / Restoration

New York City - Mr. Upholster Services - Furniture Repair and Restoration

Mr. Upholster brings new life to your treasured furnishings with quality furniture repair and restoration. Call for a free estimate today!

Custom Furniture

New York City - Mr. Upholster - Services - Custom Furniture Design

Mr. Upholster can make any piece of furniture you can imagine. We build pieces to fit custom measurements for residences or commercial spaces. Headboards, ottomans, sofas, chairs, built in seating, are just some of the items we can produce. Call for a free estimate today!